W elcome to Terob Morgans. We are located in Northern California in the heart of the Gold Country. Like many little girls I was horse crazy at an early age. I came by it honestly, as my mother loved horses, too. The first horse I remember was my Mom’s buckskin mare, Lady. I dreamed about horses and asked for one for every birthday as I grew up. I would beg rides from the neighbors and bargain with my Mom to take me on rented horses. It wasn’t until I married and encouraged my husband to move “back home” to his folk’s ranch, that I was around horses again. After borrowing horses from his cousins for a couple of years, my husband finally realized that I wasn’t going to outgrow this affliction. And so the journey began.

At Terob Morgans we concentrate on disposition and type, followed closely by athleticism and prettiness in our Morgans. Our latest venture is breeding colorful Morgans. By starting with quality stock, we will follow our program with color as a bonus.

We offer Morgans of quality with personality plus. These versatile, friendly horses will fit into any family whether they enjoy their Morgans as show, trail riding or companion horses. All of our horses are handled from birth and each horse receives individualized attention ensuring personable family pleasure horses for all disciplines.

Please browse our website, enjoy, and feel free to contact us if you’d like further information!